April 9th, 2005


Growing Quiet

Dripping and trickling filled the night as the snow melted. It has stopped now, though some snow remains on the roof. It has probably re-frozen as the night has grown colder. The sun was out for a while yesterday afternoon, but the clouds returned at nightfall. Only in the last hour has it cleared enough to reveal a few stars. It is very strange to have such wintry weather this far into spring, and even stranger that today and tomorrow are expected to be sunny and quite warm. I'm going to get temperature whiplash.

I re-installed my internet connection and, to my great surprise, Thunderbird began fetching mail for two of my three identities. At least I think it has. No mail has arrived for my main identity. I might take a minute to send myself something from my Lycos or Excite account, just to test it. I have no idea how it finally began using the proper passwords for the first two identities, so I'm reluctant to try adding the third identity again, lest I screw the whole thing up once more. The instructions are nearly opaque. I might just let Opera handle that identity, and then forward from it to my main identity anything I want to keep. My e-mail system will be as convoluted as my sentence structure. This is retribution of some sort against me, I'm sure.

Also, I must get a dust cover of some kind for this keyboard. I have no idea why keyboards aren't shipped with them. They are serious dust magnets.

Say goodnight, new computer. You'll get a name eventually.
caillebotte_the orangerie


All the snow had melted by the time I woke up, and the few fluffy white clouds with gray undersides looked as though they had been painted onto the bright blue sky. The day invited me for a walk, but I had to decline, the house and the old people requiring too much of my attention. I let the new computer download the latest version of Irfanview, and all its plug-ins, while I was busy with other things. The image viewer is now installed, and working fine, but I haven't gotten around to installing any of the plug-ins yet. I was surprised to see that there is now a plug-in for playing .ogg files. The new version also supports the insertion of text into an image file, but I haven't tried to do that yet.

It's nice to be able to use a computer on a mild day without having it crash.
bazille_summer scene


I checked the Opera web site and found that the browser's e-mail features are much expanded from the earlier version I had on Sluggo. I also found that Opera now supports (though not for Macs yet) the GNU Aspell spell checker! All you need to do is download and install the free Aspell program (1.2MB) and any (or all) of the dictionaries (available for 22 languages- the English dictionary is 2.4MB) and Opera will let you use them to spell check any text you write on any web page, as well as in Opera mail. I do like Firefox (especially the AdBlock extension), but I'm more and more impressed with all the spiffy features being added to Opera as it continues to develop, as well as its clean interface and ease of use. I'll probably keep it as my default browser, and only use Firefox for ad-laden sites and a few other special uses. I'm very well pleased with Opera right now.