April 8th, 2005



The break in the storm was brief. Dusk bought the return of clouds, and the rain soon followed. It has grown very cold once again, but I no longer have to keep the room frigid, as I am no longer utterly dependant on Sluggo. Still, I got very little done on the computer(s) tonight. TMC was showing Bogart movies until three o'clock. Teh Interwebs can't compete with film noir.

After the movies, I had a craving for scrambled eggs. I rarely eat them. At one time, when I used to wander the night streets of Los Angeles, often after seeing a movie, it was my habit on returning to my neighborhood to stop at a 24 hour greasy spoon diner called the Seven Stars Cafe and have scrambled eggs and hash browns before going home to sleep. Maybe it was movie-induced nostalgia which brought on my craving tonight. The odd thing is that I've never much liked scrambled eggs, or any sort of eggs, really, but at three o'clock in the morning at a greasy spoon diner they become... interesting. Unfortunately, I've never been able to cook them as well as they did at the Seven Stars Cafe. Tonight, I made some anyway, and was reminded of why I so seldom do. They were pretty bad. A bit of salsa picante fixed them up, though. It is my belief that salsa picante has done more to curb food wastage than have all the nagging mothers laying guilt trips about children starving in whatever place children are currently starving. Salsa picante is a great invention.

Snooping in the Mozilla FAQs, I think that I may have stumbled on a way to get Thunderbird to fetch mail from all three of my chiconet e-mail identities. It wouldn't be a perfect solution, as I would have to close the program each time I wanted to switch from one identity to another. However, I usually kept only one identity (the one that fetches LJ notifications) logged in and checking mail when I was using Outlook Express, so it wouldn't be that different from the way it was with Sluggo. I also think that the new computer is stable enough that I could keep an instance of Opera open under Firefox, and have it check for mail in my other frequently used identity. That's what it's been doing for the last year or so when I've been using it as my default browser. Sluggo would most likely have blown up had I had two different browsers open at a time.

Oh, day is fading in. No time to try setting up the accounts in Thunderbird. Time to be sung to sleep by the rain.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


I woke up and looked at the clock. It was only 10:30, so I went back to sleep. I woke up again an hour later, and wondered what had disturbed me. I tried to get back to sleep again, but couldn't, so I got up. It was very cold, and the light through the drapes very dim. I could hear the rain falling. Opening the drapes on the southern window, I was struck by something odd. When did they put a white roof on the house next door? Then I saw that the ground between the houses was white, too. It was snow! Snow in April!

It turned out that the power had been off for almost four hours starting at ten o'clock. Two inches of snow had fallen. It was beginning to melt by the time I got up, but the bushes were still topped with white crowns, and the white lilies of spring seemed almost gray and dingy, poking out of the white mass which had crushed their spiky leaves. The oak leaves are all drooping, showing their pale undersides, and the rose bushes all have broken branches. It's all very strange. Winter has come back to take revenge on spring for having intruded on February.

Bad to Worse

So, I try to set up multiple identities in Thunderbird. It finally asks me to enter a password for my second identity. I do so. I connect to my e-mail service. There are no new messages in the inbox. I try to set up the third identity. I get no invitation to enter another password. I try to connect to my service using my main identity. It won't connect. I try to connect using my second identity. It doesn't work anymore, either. I try to connect to the Internet. I get an invalid password notice. Apparently, Thunderbird took it upon itself to change my password in my network connections folder. Because I am unfamiliar with Windows XP, I've been unable to find any place that I can change it back. Thus the new computer no longer connects to the Internet, and can't fetch e-mail.

Mozilla has done something I didn't think possible. It has made me dislike it even more than I dislike Microsoft. The Thunderbird interface not only fails to be user friendly, it is positively user hostile. It's at least twice as complicated as Outlook Express was to set up, which means it's at least six times as complicated as it needs to be. Apparently, Until I can figure out how to fix the problem Thudderbird created with my dial up networking settings, I'm stuck using Sluggo again. I hope I don't have to re-install everything.

Once I do get it fixed, Thudderbird will probably be going away, and Outlook Express will take its place. I have to admit that, when it comes to e-mail, Microsoft pre-kicked Mozilla's ass. If Mozilla wants it unkicked, they'll have to re-design Thudderbird's setup system. One would think that, as Thudderbird was created after Outlook, then it would at least equal Outlook's standard for ease of use. That it doesn't is a significant failure for Mozilla. I wish that Opera would hurry up and create a full suite of applications, including e-mail.