March 19th, 2005



Rain! It arrived before midnight and has fallen steadily since. I've been enjoying the sound, which is a pleasant change from the recent nights of stillness. What little light reaches the ground sparkles as it glides over wet streets and leaves. The pollen has been removed from the air, allowing me to breathe easily. Night smells deliciously dank and green, like freshly crushed herbs being sprinkled over mushrooms. Mmmm, I'm making myself hungry.

Yesterday, I called the automated service line of the place from which I ordered the computer, to see what the delay was, and got a message that it has been shipped and should arrive by March 20th. That being Sunday, I suppose that either today or Monday is most likely. It could be here in time for the Vernal Equinox! Maybe I'll call it Vern- though then I'd be running the risk that it might start downloading goatloads of country music while I wasn't watching.

I usually don't watch the Bravo show "Inside the Actor's Studio" (partly because Actors all tend to tell the same basic story, and it gets boring after a while, and partly because James Lipton scares me.) Last night I happened across an episode which I was glad to watch, though. The guests were the cast of voices from "The Simpsons." I missed the first ten minutes or so, but the second half was the best part anyway, when Lipton switched from interviewing them as actors and began asking them questions as their characters. I don't know why, but James Lipton is not scary or creepy at all when Homer and Apu and Lisa are talking to him. He should interview only animated characters from now on.

Oh, the sky is brightening already. I can hardly wait for Daylight Saving Time, so I can have another hour of darkness in the morning for a while. Sleep.
caillebotte_man at his window


All the green flowers of the mulberry tree are drooping, bright drops of water forming at their tips. Rain has persisted all day, a soft spattering to which I was pleased to wake. The crows and woodpeckers appear to share my delight, and fill the gray air with their raucous calls. Everything else is subdued, though a few splashes of spring color enliven even the reflective pavements. Some of the oaks are already dense with deep green foliage, but those which as yet bear a thinner garb of paler leaves still display their branches, now darkened by the rain. The scene is filled with lines and rich textures, subtle shades of color, and pale light. Now, I hear a thrush singing. The light dims further as dusk nears. I will go out and watch the world fade.