March 17th, 2005



Yesterday's news made me wish that I could have waited a couple of years to invest in a computer. It will probably be possible to pick one up dirt cheap by then. Now that Paul Wolfowitz is going to be able to muck about with the (already barely competent) World Bank, the global economy is certain to collapse by then. On the other hand, once that happens, the Interwebs will probably go away, too, so the dirt cheap computer would hardly be worth having. Money could be worthless by then, too, so maybe it's best that I'm spending it now. In fact, maybe I ought to spend every cent I can get my hands on. Maybe I ought to get a credit card and run it up to the limit. The company is apt to go under long before I have to pay it back.

(The preceding paragraph of (slight) exaggeration is an indication of the magnitude of my disdain and disrespect for the ambitious, ex-lefty radical turncoats (or moles?) who are today running the Neo-Con con. In their youth, they set out to destroy the country. The preponderance of the evidence suggests that they are succeeding.)

It was slightly less cool tonight than the previous night. I find that I don't need a hat to avoid feeling the chill that is being blown into the room by the window fan. In fact, the hat made me feel uncomfortably warm. The persistent overcast has prevented the day's warmth from escaping, all night. The temperature of the days is rising again, as well. The new computer must arrive soon. Sluggo grows most baleful in his decline. I fear that he will do me an outrage.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


And, in addition, the mulberry tree pollen is reaching its peak. The lawn is covered with its fallen flowers, making it look as though a plague of caterpillars had invaded the yard. The puffs of pollen drifting on the afternoon breeze also bring to mind a caterpillar- the hookah-smoking caterpillar of Alice in Wonderland. I'm reaching the sinus headache stage of exposure now. Because my head feels about twice its normal size and my thoughts are more muddled than usual, I'm going to wait until tomorrow to make that call. I'm not entirely sure that I'm not about to begin hallucinating. Is mulberry pollen psychoactive?

The neighborhood's wandering cats are visiting again, undoubtedly enjoying the mild days. I have to be vigilant whenever I let my cat out now, as she is very territorial, and more than willing to take on any invader of her realm despite her own diminutive stature and advancing age. She has grown only slightly less wild as she has aged, though in the last year she has become more accepting of being petted, and sometimes even requests it. Still, the minute I open the door, she reverts to her old behavior and will have nothing to do with me until she wants back in. Strange kitty.

Staring at the monitor is making my head hurt more. I'll let Sluggo nap now.