March 15th, 2005



The Slug has behaved himself just a bit better tonight, thanks to the arrival of some nice marine air. This morning it is vaguely gray, and smells of attempted fog, and I can see a few wisps of cloud which are flushing slightly pink with the approach of dawn. I want to get to sleep as soon as possible so I can get up early if the new computer arrives today. It might be a noisy day, though, as last evening a large road working machine of some sort was parked at the end of the block, where it has remained all night for the pleasure of inquisitive, wandering cats. Its presence probably indicates that construction may be scheduled to take place in the vicinity today. I hope it's not too near. I don't want to be kept awake.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Not yet, and it's getting to be the time of day when the UPS trucks return to their garages and go to sleep. The Slug must struggle through another night, I guess.

The sky is full of those vaguely white areas which indicate moisture that can't quite bring itself to become clouds. The mulberry flowers are spewing puffs of pollen that look almost as dense. Acorn woodpeckers are chuckling at me. March is being April cruel.