March 14th, 2005

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Counting Down

Google AdSense gets odder all the time. For the last couple of days, it's been giving me inexplicable combinations of links. Right now, one of the ad links is captioned "Need Bay plants?" The other, which I've seen several times recently, is for a music service, and the caption is "Download Autumn Leaves." (It refers to the French song which became a pop hit in the U.S. in the 1950s, and is now a lounge standard.) The three links below the ads are "Maple Leaves" (which may or may not refer to the hockey team- I haven't clicked on it) "Metal Concerts" and "Punk Concerts." I can sort of see a connection between these five things, but it isn't a sensible connection, I think. Maybe I don't click on the links often enough, so AdSense is getting desperate and trying to attract my attention by being bizarre.

Anyway. I won't be seeing AdSense much longer, if things go well. I intend to download Firefox to be the default browser on the new computer. I might keep a copy of Opera, too, but if Firefox works as well as I hope it does, I probably won't be opening Opera very often, if at all. It's actually been a decent browser, and much more reliable than Internet Exploder, as well as faster, and more flexible. I wish that I'd discovered its virtues sooner. I could have avoided two years of hassling with IE.

The wind has veered to the north during the night, and the temperature has dropped somewhat more than I expected. It's still not cold enough to keep Sluggo entirely happy, but he has made it through the better part of an hour without crashing, allowing me to clean up some inboxes and catch up on yesterday's posts. Everything else remains on hold, including the downloading of software for the new computer. Any day now, maybe today. An end to the constant aggravation and frustration, at last!
caillebotte_the orangerie

Distressingly Mild

It's strange to see so much shade so early in the year. The pines still wear their winter beards of moss, still have that shaggy look they get in the season of cold, but already they are interspersed with the new, pale green leaves of the oaks, and splashes of color are seen along the shady streets as the Japanese magnolias and other flowering trees burst into bloom. So far, the dogwoods remain bare, but most of the other exotic species are donning their spring regalia. The angle of the sun's shadows are all wrong for this florid display, and only the densest pine woods have the look of March, all dank and moody even when filled with shafts of afternoon light.

A few clouds hung over the valley this afternoon, and there was still a hint of damp in the slightly cooler air. Despite the buzzing bees and the blooming flowers, there might yet be chilly rain this month. As last year, and most other years, I might yet see the acorn woodpeckers huddle on the lee side of the utility pole to escape the windblown rain. This year, they have had it easy, frolicking about in the sunlight, loudly drilling the trees at all hours of the day, endlessly chattering at one another. Late winter and early spring being their most active time, they must be greatly enjoying the unaccustomed clemency. I'd be greatly enjoying it myself, even with that strange sense of time being out of whack, were it not for the inconvenience of dealing with Sluggo's ill temper. The new computer did not arrive today. Tomorrow, perhaps, or Wednesday at the latest. I grow ever more impatient.