March 11th, 2005

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Yesterday was the hottest March 10th here since they began keeping records well over a century ago. It was almost twenty degrees above normal for the date. This night has been warmer than a typical day in March. Of course, I've gotten nothing done. No serious cooling is expected until Monday. Thus, I am temporarily screwed. Sluggo won't be doing any downloading of programs for his successor, nor am likely to be able to finish moving things to CD. That means I'll have to have two computers hooked up at the same time, though there is not enough space for them. Rats!

I haven't been able to read everything, either. The page loads, the screen goes blue. I might have to take a forced mini-vacation until early next week. More rats!

Send me your snow!


Waiting longer for nightfall now, and for the air to cool, that I might open the windows and listen to the frogs. Afternoon is all buzzing bees and the clatter of woodpeckers, and the sight of tiny insects catching the sunlight with iridescent wings. Once the bright world vanishes, I can fully wake. Spring days are too like dreams, each moment quickly dissolving into another scene, all together creating an endless series of distractions. I cannot concentrate in the midst of such effusiveness as these days display. The nights are calm and undemanding, with the landscape reduced to shapes and shadows, and the heat diminished. The frogs agree, I'd say.