March 8th, 2005

bazille_summer scene


Through the agency of a widow fan, I was able to cool my room off, filling it with fresh night air. As yet, the air does not quite smell of spring. The faint hint of winter which clings to it- a dank smell of leaf mold, and the absence of any floral scent- is pleasant, though. The night has been quiet, though with the noise of the fan I couldn't tell, except when I went outdoors for a while to watch the stars wheel across the cloudless and moonless sky. Even with the fan going, it was well past midnight before the room was cool enough for the Slug to operate, and so I've gotten little done. I consider the time well spent, however, as I discovered that Comcast is presenting us with a free preview of its Showtime channels, and one of them was running "Jackass: The Movie." Ah, bottle rockets launched from butts, and golf carts being crashed, Steve-O snorting wasabi and chundering, and Wee Man being chased through the streets of a Japanese city by a faux sumo wrestler! What could be better? (I certainly don't expect an answer, by the way.) The whole thing was exactly the mindless distraction I needed, since I'm way too old to have Spring Break. All that was missing was the popcorn, which I forgot to buy, but I made shift with Goldfish crackers. As close to a perfect night as I'm likely to get these days, I'd say.
bazille_summer scene

Warmer Still

Morning flights of warring crows and evening flights of departing waterfowl frame the balmy, sunlit days of premature spring. The hours of afternoon are filled with the songs of smaller birds, who are preparing to nest. Today, I was buzzed by bees as I was inspecting the new flowers which are bursting from the ground. The grass is yet lush from the winter's abundant rain, and the pollen-bearing flowers are about to emerge from the swollen buds of the mulberry tree. So far, no butterflies have appeared. It is very warm this evening, and I am once again using the window fan. Sometime after midnight, it ought to be possible for me to read everybody's posts. I can hardly wait for next week.