March 5th, 2005

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Sultriness Looms

Poor Sluggo. Not only is he suffering from the warming trend, but now his mouse has gone spastic again. I cleaned it, and it turns out that the dirt was the only thing keeping it functional. Now the little ball can't maintain contact with the little wheels, because they're too clean. I'm considering running it over a flannel shirt for a few minutes. Maybe it will pick up some lint. In the meantime, I'm trying to remember as many keyboard commands as I can, to keep the mousage to a minimum.

The night has not cooled as much as I'd have liked, and the house has cooled even less. Orion dropped below the horizon long ago, and the waning moon has not yet risen above the pines. The sky is mottled with thin clouds, but they will not last. By Sunday, it is likely to be a fearsome 70o. An explosion of leaves is expected. March is too soon to be making iced tea. I thought I'd left this weather behind when I left Los Angeles. I'm being stalked!

In related news; Sluggo absolutely must be replaced before this month is out.


Poor Slug. While birds spent the balmy afternoon in mating rituals, emitting happy chirps and trills, he was more inclined to fits and death rattles. His grip on virtual reality grows ever more tenuous. He can barely keep Outlook Express alive for five minutes. His replacement will have a different e-mail program, to be sure.

Right now, I can smell skunk. They like to come out when the evenings are mild. The frogs are enjoying themselves, too, filling the starry night with soft songs. Everybody is having a good time except Sluggo. I'll bet his replacement will enjoy pleasant evenings such as this. I like spring so much, I've even forgiven it for coming early. This does not mean I wouldn't appreciate some more rain, of course.

A good night for porch sitting.