February 16th, 2005


Now and Then

I've been listening to intermittent rain and wind all night. There was a bit of fog, too, though it didn't get thick enough to create that delightful noir atmosphere I so enjoy. But the damp is nice, allowing the pavement to reflect what little light there is. Now, I'm waiting to hear if any flocks of waterfowl fly over. Those who went north yesterday afternoon might have been making an overnight visit to the mountain lakes, and could be returning to the valley this morning.

I got a roll of pictures back yesterday. There were three shots of deer that I took very early one morning a few months ago, but, as I suspected, there was too little light and the pictures are blurry. If I'd still had my old camera, they probably would have turned out well enough. Someday. I'll get a camera with a faster lens. The deer almost never show themselves in broad daylight. Neither do I, come to think of it.

I stumbled across a personal web site at which a Mr. Dennis Lewis Jr. has posted a number of snapshots of Los Angeles taken by his father in 1942-43. I always like to see old street scenes, especially early pictures of places with which I became familiar in later years. I recognized a number of locations in this collection, and it was interesting to see the changes which had taken place between the time the pictures were taken and the time I first remember seeing them. If it were possible, I'd probably spend half my free time just looking at old photographs. I have tremendous geek potential in this. Maybe it's a good thing that it isn't possible.

Ah, the rain is falling again. I'll let it sing me to sleep.


I don't know why Sluggo is so cranky tonight, or why my ISP won't give me anything better than a 28k connection, or why the cat is so insistent that I give her all my attention, but it's all combining to demolish my concentration. As everything that happens in the world is the result of some vast conspiracy against me, I choose to blame the television this time. It wants to be watched, and is thus controlling everything around it, leaving me without options. Wednesday night. I'm sure there's nothing worthwhile on, but what's the point in fighting the omnipotent power? Maybe it will be mollified by an hour or two of viewing, and I'll then be able to return to Sluggo. Ah, reality is such an asspain, even when it's imaginary!