February 5th, 2005



I'm just waiting for the cat to come back in so I can go to sleep. I don't like leaving her out on her own this time of day. She gets in fights with strays and somebody has to be awake to break them up. She's probably gone up the street to inspect the diesel house that parks there several times a year. It arrived late last night. Even a cat as misanthropic as she is inquisitive about the comings and goings of people. Those who arrive and depart in diesel houses the size of Greyhound buses must be most interesting to a cat. Still, I'm sure that she's grateful that her house does not move about. She likes things to stay put, and is not fond of going for rides herself, probably because those few she has taken have all ended at the vet's office. Cats most likely disapprove of all things with wheels. They are probably wise to do so.

Though yesterday turned quite gray near its end, there has since been a clearing of the sky, and the stars are now shining. Their light will soon be augmented by that of the thin moon, as soon as it clears the trees. The day could turn bright, though it will not, I think, be as warm as recent days. Neither do I expect to wake as early as I did yesterday, unless the people who may or may not be moving in next door return to create more disturbance. I used to think of Saturday differently than I thought of the other days of the week, but for many years now, there has been little difference among the days, and I feel no special attachment to any of them. I like all of them to be quiet until I am done sleeping.

My previous entry was #2,666. I wonder if that means that it was twice as evil as entry 666?
caillebotte_the balcony


It turns out to have been preparation for a yard sale. I'm referring to all the noise at the vacant house next door yesterday morning. Today, there was more noise, as the tables were set up and the merchandise put on display, and then still more noise from the endless string of cars coming and going, and the haggling, and the yapping of a small dog belonging to one of the people running the sale. So, as far as I know, the house is still vacant. All the stuff for sale appears to have been brought in over the last year and stored there, none of it having belonged to the people who used to live there. There are vast amounts of clothing of a sort they would never have worn, an assortment of shoes still in their matching original boxes, and a bunch of other stuff I haven't bothered to examine.

I'm not a fan of yard sales. I find them depressing, and they never have anything I would want. In this particular case, I also suspect stolen goods. I'm also irritated at having had my sleep disturbed repeatedly all morning by the popularity of this impromptu retail establishment which has sprung up ten feet from my window. Well, it's January, so this is probably the only one in town today. All the local yard sale junkies are delighted to have an unexpected fix out-of-season, and are descending on my normally placid block en masse. I wish the entrepreneurs good sales, not for their sake, but so that there will be no merchandise remaining to justify their continuing the event tomorrow.

Other than that, it's been a nice day, with a nice assortment of cumulus clouds which are now thickening into sufficient cover to look just a bit threatening. I do like gray days, even when I'm a bit bleary from lack of sleep. I suppose it would be churlish of me to hope for an early arrival of the rain predicted for Monday or Tuesday. That would prevent any yard sale turmoil tomorrow. But then the sale might come back next Saturday. Better that they sell out today. Too bad they have nothing but crap. If there was anything worth having over there, I'd be willing to buy it myself, just to hurry them on their way.