January 22nd, 2005



The moon didn't set until a short time ago. This time of year, it settles far to the northeast, and the pines are dense there, but not so dense as to conceal it completely. The light turned slightly orange, and shone like a frozen fire among the tangle of branches. In the deep darkness which followed, the stars, paled all night by the moon's brightness, blazed out in a brief glory soon to be ended by the sunrise. Already, a hint of cerulean bands the east, jagged below where it meets the forest, fading to deeper shades above, where the constellations yet glitter. The air's chill has not been oppressive tonight, but stimulating in its perfection, reminding me how enjoyable it is to wear a warm jacket and feel the contrast of a chill breeze, an experience as pleasant as having a cold drink in the heat of a summer afternoon. It was ideal for watching the best moonset of the year. I'm thinking that moonrise tonight might be as delightful. Nights such as this are the best part of winter. I'm glad they are finally here.


I don't know what the deal is with Sluggo today. He keeps having conniptions and swallowing his cursor after flashing his blue screen, despite the fact that the room is cold. I don't think it's the computer equivalent of a death rattle (that, I think, usually comes from the hard drive, and the Slug's hard drive sounds as healthy as a Mac), but I'm still thinking that maybe I ought to spend a few hours making backups of files- assuming I can get the CD burner to work. It's been a long time since some of them have been backed up. But when the machine acts this way even in cold weather, it seems more likely than ever that he's not going to be around much longer. And I was so looking forward to downloading some porn doing some research on 19th century art tonight!