January 12th, 2005


Silence Falls

The sound of dripping finally stopped, about ten hours after the rain ended. I don't know if it stopped because the trees had finally shed the last of those little drops to which they were clinging last evening, or because the remaining drops had frozen solid. When I went out to fetch the paper, I stepped on the lawn and it made a loud crunching sound. The sun ought to thaw that out later, but I don't expect the day to be very warm. At least there will be light.

When I get the time, I'm going to explore this personal web site, belonging to a Mr. George Garrigues. So far, I've only spent much time examining the section on Los Angeles in the 1900s, but the other sections look interesting, too.
caillebotte_the orangerie


That waxing crescent moon was back this evening, peeking from among the bare oaks (by the time I saw it.) There are still some puffs of cloud, and a few smears like celestial fog banks, so the sky is but partly starry, but the afternoon brought me the biggest dose of sunshine I've had in more than a week. Most of the pavement was dry by nightfall, and the few small puddles still claiming low spots in the yard were no longer the turbid, reddish-brown they were yesterday, but clear, their muddy bottoms partly occluded by the reflection of blue sky. Blue. I remember that color! The rumor going around is that we'll see more of it tomorrow. At the moment, I'm happy merely to enjoy the silence. As much as I like the sound of rain, it grows tiresome after so many days.