January 10th, 2005

caillebotte_the balcony


It has remained mostly clear all night, and the stars have been bright in the moonless sky. I saw a meteor, and heard quacking ducks on their way to the valley. The cold is more intense, now that the clouds are gone. They are supposed to return today, though, and the next clearing won't be until Wednesday. I'm going to try very hard to arrange to wake up early then, so I can get some actual afternoon sunlight, instead of just the shadowy tail end of day.

I think my PictureTrail account runs out this week. All the image links in my posts will go dead, except for the few that I've made with the few pictures I've uploaded to LJ Scrapbook. Now, I need to upload all those old pictures to Scrapbook, hunt down the posts they were in (I was unwise enough not to keep a handy list of them) and then edit to insert the new URLs. It's going to take forever. I might be able to find a few of the posts with Google searches on the titles of the pictures, but still, a major hassle lies ahead. And, most likely, nobody will ever look at those posts again. The Internets can be so frustrating.

I would love to walk through the fields and see dust puffs rise from my footfalls.
caillebotte_man at his window

The Draining Sky

Afternoon was dark again, like one of Pissarro's moody paintings, all smoky gray tufts of cloud scudding below a blue-gray atmosphere which, as evening fell, was tinged in the west with the faintest hint of lavender. With dusk, sprinkles began to fall, turning to drizzle, and now to a steady rainfall that fills the night with white noise. Gusts of wind lift the drapes and bring the cold to every corner of the room. For all its melancholy, the moment nonetheless has a serenity to it. It's a good night to be moody, listening to the pines moan and the world wash away. It's a bit like being at peace with death, I suppose.