January 7th, 2005


Weathering Again

So, the rain came back. The night is cold enough to make me suspect that the rain might turn to snow tomorrow. Yesterday afternoon was so promising, with the clouds breaking up and the birds hopping about on the lawn. I'm glad I got my bright new light, though, because I'm going to do some reading, rain or snow. And I'm going to turn up the heat, because I've never had a book crash because the room was too hot.

The guy with the elaborate Christmas display at the end of the block finally turned off the giant lighted canes last night, but the festoons of bulbs on bush and tree continued to burn. There's something lighted in his window, too, but I've never gone up to see what it is. An electric wreath of some sort, I think. He is certainly reluctant to let the holiday go. Maybe he's doing the twelve day thing. Even if so, he's got his partridge by now. It's time he cooked it, before it gets high.

I've been getting messed up LJ pages for the last couple of days. I mean seriously messed up, with crap all over the place and big chunks failing to load at all. The browser dialog box that pops up when this happens mentions the possibility of corrupt data. Well, duh! Here at LJ, we call that content! I suspected Opera to be at fault, so I opened Mozilla, and thus far haven't had that problem. I think my copy of Opera might have been damaged in the series of crashes I had the other day. I hope I don't have to re-install it yet again. I've never figured out how to stick the old bookmarks into the new install (one of the few tasks at which Internet Exploder is much better than Opera.) I was going to download Firefox, at last, and give that a try, even though I'm still running Windows 98, but then, in a neat bit of irony, Mozilla crashed when I clicked on the "Download Firefox" link. It would be funny if I had to use a broken copy of Opera to download Firefox.

I did in fact download Mozilla Mail the other day, but I haven't gotten around to attempting an install. I'm still not certain that it's the best choice. Maybe I ought to go with Eudora Light, even though it's a surprisingly large file. But it's a certainty that I need to get rid of Outlook Express. That thing gets more unstable all the time. Computers sux0rs, or whatever the hell it is the kids say.


I just couldn't get to sleep this morning. It must have been after nine o'clock that I finally dropped off. Then either there was some actual noise, of loud voices nearby, or I dreamed of the noise, but I woke, and it was only eleven. I went back to sleep, and then opened my eyes to dim light illuminating the drapes. At first I thought it was merely a very dense clump of clouds dimming the afternoon light, but I looked at the clock and it was five thirty already. I saw about twenty minutes of dusk, and then it was fully dark. This is the latest I've slept in ages. I don't like it.

The sky is again marbled with clouds, and the world saturated with damp, though no rain has fallen for several hours. My brain itself feels waterlogged. I expect to see fish momentarily. Weirdness.