January 4th, 2005

gericault_raft of the medusa 1


This guy collects parting screen shots of dead web sites. Most of them are from dotcoms which went bust, though some are from noncommercial web sties. He has posted dozens of galleries of them. It's an unusual hobby, to be sure, but I've no doubt there are many that are far odder, and I don't sense any sort of digital ghoulishness in this memorialization of failure and surrender. He lets the screen shots speak for themselves. There is a sameness to these farewells, as might be expected. Failure is one of the few things that truly is one-size-fits-all. After perusing the site for a while, I began to feel the sort of melancholy sadness that one feels walking past a deserted graveyard on a gray day, with the empty wind whistling around the headstones. It's an archive of digital dust to digital dust, as it were. All those bright dreams, gone, and not even the rank odor of decaying flowers to commemorate their passing, but only this series of silent images, like a vanished family's album lying discarded in a thrift shop.

The clouds have not returned, and all night the waning moon has cast its light to reveal the tree bones, and the specks of ice which glint at the tips of grass blades like tiny reflections of the stars. I'm not expecting January's sun to have the power to warm this air more than a few degrees. At least there is a good chance of more blue sky today, if I wake early enough to see it. To sleep, and piles of blankets keep the winter at bay!
bazille_summer scene

Unworthy of a Subject Line

I like gray days. I really do. Just not every day.

Seattle! Take back your weather!

On the bright side, the early snows in the mountains have been heavy, nearly twice normal for the time of year, which makes it more likely that there will be plenty of water next year. If the rest of the season is as wet, then we might actually see less dirt around Lake Oroville this spring. It's been a long time since the water rose high enough to hide the bare banks between lake and forest. I'm picturing it with sunlight making the water sparkle. Mmmm, sunlight. I remember that.