rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Groceried Out

I got the shopping done, and though it got pretty warm today it wasn't intolerably hot. Tomorrow might be. I did get the rain check for cat food, so didn't have to do too much triage on today's list. They were out of a couple of other things, but as they were not essentials I didn't bother getting rain checks for them.

The problem with shopping on Saturday is that it throws off my schedule and I end up forgetting that this is the night the local PBS affiliate is currently most likely to run the programs with English people murdering one another. They usually come on at nine o'clock, and I forgot to check until after ten. It turns out to have been the show with Ron Weasley's father pretending to be the mystery-solving priest, Father Brown. Rats. I didn't want to miss that. I need some sort of reminder thing, so my brain will get even less exercise.

But having shopped today I get to have tomorrow free. No televised murders on PBS tomorrow, though. Just the annual Memorial Day concert, so sort of a commemoration of official, communal mass/mutual murder by civilization itself. Too impersonal for my tastes, and too graphic if we got to see the actual slaughter, which we won't. It's a concert, so the only deaths will be of people who get that bored. I won't be one of them.

Strangely, the long range forecast is now calling for a 50% chance of rain on Wednesday morning. It seems unlikely to me. I 'd welcome the rain, of course, but this time of year rain almost invariably means lightning, too, which I would not welcome at all, this being fire season. Well, we shall see, I suppose. Those of us who live long enough, at least.

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