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Imperfect [May. 26th, 2017|10:19 pm]
Well, the shopping trip got shifted again. Now I will (or might) go tomorrow (or Sunday, but tomorrow is currently the plan.) The stores will (probably) still be there, and the delay might also increase the chances that Safeway will be out of the sale cat food I hope they're out of, and I'll be able to get that raincheck.

The last warm day (Thursday) coaxed about a dozen jasmine blossoms to open, but the subsequent cooling has slowed them down. There are thousands waiting to open, but the few that have are not sufficient to perfume the night. They will probably start opening again tomorrow, and maybe by Sunday their fragrance will be noticeable. But the nights are to remain fairly chilly for most of the next week, so the full effect probably won't arrive until early June. I always look forward to the blooming of the jasmine as one of the compensations for the season's uncomfortable heat.

In the absence of jasmine, the air still smells of grass tonight. The day was partly cloudy, and evening brought overcast and a dampness that has intensified the scent of grass and has muffled the sounds of the crickets and frogs. Only a few stars are managing to penetrate the overcast, and the quiet darkness is very restful. It hasn't gotten too cold yet, so I've been spending some time just sitting on the back porch enjoying the peace.

One of the feral cats went hunting this afternoon and caught what I'm pretty sure was a vole. It was kind of chubby but had a fairly long, hairless tail. Voles are actually kind of cute, so I was not pleased by the cat's skills. I don't mind if they slaughter the gophers and moles who dig up the yard, and getting rid of rats is even better, but I'm actually fond of the voles. They dig, too, of course, but they also look a bit like bunnies, and nobody wants to see bunnies slaughtered. I blame Beatrix Potter. She totally ruined me for hasenpfeffer.

Thankfully, the coolness has put a damper on the mosquitoes. I haven't been bitten again for the last two nights. That will soon end, of course, once the warmer weather returns. Then I'll get jasmine and itching. The world is not perfect, it seems.