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More Cooling - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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More Cooling [May. 25th, 2017|09:23 pm]
It looks like I'll be shopping tomorrow instead of Sunday. It's just as well, since Sunday will be quite a bit warmer than tomorrow. The only problem is that my hope that the store will run out of the cat food that's on sale so I can get a raincheck and buy it next month when I have more money is likely to be dashed. They are far more likely to run out of stuff on Sundays than on Fridays.

The coolish afternoon was pleasant, and the evening has grown chilly quite rapidly. The cold has slowed the chirping of the crickets, but has made the feral cats more active. The cats have been rather sluggish the last couple of days, and are probably glad to be able to get some romping in without getting overheated. I was happy to get some chores done without getting overheated myself. The kitchen floor is freshly washed, and a few more stray foxtails have been plucked from various places around the yard.

Weather-wise, tomorrow will probably be pretty much a rerun of today. Sleep-wise I hope it isn't. I woke up too early today, and if the same thing happens tomorrow I'll be tired by the time I go shopping. I tend to make dumb decisions when I'm tired. I'm tired right now. I'll make a smart decision and quit writing before I make a dumb decision on the Internets.