December 27th, 2004



We are still at the edge of the storm. The wind continues to blow, and the clouds remain, but there has been only intermittent rain. No moon watching tonight, but the world is again lit with that soft glow of its diffused light descending from every quarter of a pearly sky. Tonight the scene has been animated by the constant motion of the pines, and their sighing has been louder than it was the night before. The sound of it induces drowsiness, and the chill makes me want to burrow under a deep pile of blankets. I'll do that, soon.

The shutdowns caused by power outages yesterday afternoon must have scrambled Sluggo's little brain worse than I thought. I am unable to fetch e-mail with Outlook Express, as it shuts down almost as soon as it loads. I'll have to go check the inbox online. I really must get around to downloading Eudora. I only hope that one or another of the browsers can hang on long enough to fetch it. They keep crashing, too. Maybe defragging would help, but no time is left for that tonight. The wind is telling me to sleep.
caillebotte_the orangerie


Sluggo is giving me nothing but trouble tonight. The room may not be cold enough for him. This rainstorm is surprisingly mild for the time of year. I have the window next to me open, filling the room with the smell of wet wood, but the draft is easily warded off with a sweater and knit cap. It's almost spring-like out there. There is no wind, and the rain spatters softly, as it has for hours. I guess I'll read for a while and listen to the rain while Sluggo takes yet another nap.