December 25th, 2004

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Silent Night

This being a holiday, I'm thinking it might not be quiet around here today. If the kids in the neighborhood get any new wheelie toys, they'll be out playing with them as early as possible, up and down the street with their squealing (oh, please, none of those grinding, plastic Big Wheels things this year), and there will probably be much coming and going of visitors calling on the various aged neighbors. I might be sleep-deprived and grumpy this evening. At least it's unlikely that there will be firecrackers.

It just occurred to me, as I was out watching the almost-full moon settle among the pines, that if I were to move the big mirror in the living room from the end wall to the wall opposite the window, I could sit in a chair and watch moonset in the mirror, from the comfort of a heated room. Why did I never think of this before? Why will I probably not get around to carrying out this clever plan, despite its obvious brilliance? Why do I even bother to ask myself these things? (And why did I not ask myself why I do not simply watch through the window as the moon sets, rather than go to the trouble of moving the mirror? Because that would involve moving the chair every night, and moving it back each morning, whereas the mirror would need to be moved but once!)

This is the time of year when the stores have sales on Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider. One of my favorite beverages. I must remember to stock up. And tomorrow is the day the fat newspaper with all the year-end clearance inserts arrives! After Christmas is my favorite holiday! It's the Bargain Hunter's Celebration of Other People's Leavings. Praise be to the overstockers!

My condolences to all the kids, who are undoubtedly saddened by the news of Santa's demise. It was truly unfortunate that he flew through that swarm of bats, and that the one of them who bit him was rabid. What are the odds? It was admirable of him to continue his rounds until he collapsed and died. But remember, kids: be sure to hose off your gifts before opening them, and wear rubber gloves! The residue of Santa's mouth foam is highly infectious!
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Clouded, or Not

The clouds cannot decide to stay or go. My brain is behaving in a similar fashion. It keeps wandering off, and refuses to tell me where it went. It must be having fun there, because it keeps going, like a party guest who keeps ducking out for a quick smoke. I wonder what my brain is smoking? But, as I can't concentrate at all tonight, I'm just going to follow my brain next time it leaves. This may be a trap. My brain may intend to kidnap me, and I'll end up with a whole different life. If I vanish, report that I was last seen heading out the door with a gray lump about six or seven inches in diameter. Tell them to exercise caution. I suspect it to be armed and dangerous, and frequently rather stupid.