December 19th, 2004

caillebotte_man at his window

Deeper Silence

No birds, no beasts, no clouds, no rain, no wind. Once the moon had set, all the night was nothing but stars and silence. If not for the slow shift of constellations, I might have though the world had stopped, and every living thing had ceased to breathe, and I been left alone but for the single cat, twitching now and then with dreams as she napped atop the heater vent. The only sound was the occasional turning of my book's pages.

I finished the cleaning just in time. As I put on a jacket to go out and watch the stars a while, my left shoulder went out of joint. It had better pop back in by Monday. I can't cook one-handed.

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Now I faintly hear a whisper of breeze, once again rising before the sun. The common world comes back to life. Another day much like yesterday, I suspect. The season threatens to settle into monotony. I hope for rain to come soon, and wash away the last leaves, and my incipient ennui as well.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Somebody parked a house in front of the vacant house next door again. Unlike the last house that was parked there, this one has no motor of its own, but is pulled by a large pickup truck. The hitch must have been home-made, and badly, because the house tilts back at an angle. People are sleeping in there. I have a wicked temptation to go out in the middle of the night and empty a bag of marbles on the metal roof at the high end and see what happens when they roll down the length of it with a great clatter. Lucky I have no bag of marbles, and I'm not ten years old anymore.

Aside from the imaginary noise of marbles, the night is quiet. I have the distinct feeling that nothing is going to happen. That's usually when something ends up happening. I hope it doesn't involve Sluggo, and that it isn't anything that would require me to do lifting of any sort. My shoulder is still sore. If it has to do with something odd falling from the sky- fish, or hickory nuts, or small frogs, for example- I'm up for it. I've always wanted to witness a Fortean phenomenon. I could use an interesting event of some sort. The ennui is still creeping up. I'll try to stave it off with popcorn. Mmm, popcorn.