November 23rd, 2004

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Not Asleep

I grow a bit punchy from having had too little sleep for two days in a row. My brain wants to stay awake, but I don't. It's the over-stimulation of the cold room, I think. Having grown somewhat accustomed to it, I find that I spend more time outdoors, too. The chill of the air seems less intense when I'm already cold. Outdoors itself is stimulating, with the moon once again nearing full, and the landscape full of ghostly brightness and stark, mystery-laden shadows. Time to open the heater vent and try to make myself drowsy. Raccoons, stay out of my dreams!


Oops! I've unintentionally caught up on my lost sleep, by not waking up until almost five o'clock! That's never a good thing. I saw the tail end of what was probably a nice day. It was very nearly warm. Very nearly warm would be normal for November here, but this year's weather has been so unusual that a warm day counts as a heat wave. That might be what prevented me from waking up. I may have to go back to setting the alarm clock. I hate waking up to that noise, though. It was better when I had an alarm cat. She used to wake me up at almost the same time every day, by purring at me.

I am displeased.