November 6th, 2004

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

My Neck Gets Sore From Too Much Time With Sluggo

I ate popcorn and wrote stuff about movie theaters tonight (not for posting here- just nostalgia stuff for the theater buffs at CinemaTreasures.) It proved to be time-consuming. I'm now wondering where the night went, even though I know exactly where it went. It went out there, adding to that heap of virtual stuff I was worrying about so recently. Oh, the hypocrisy!

The moon is rising late again, and there is little to see in the darkness but stars and the looming shapes of trees. Even the cat is spending most of the nights indoors now. She's getting old. Only a couple of years ago, she couldn't be kept in at night, even in cold weather. Open the door, and she would be a streak of fur vanishing into the shadows. No rodent was safe. Now they can dig at will, unthreatened by quick feline leaps. Sugar now likes to nap the dark hours away, curled on her favorite chair. The last cat.

I think I'm about to depress myself. Time to shut up and sleep.
caillebotte_the orangerie


Near-balmy air and clear sky made for a pleasant day, but put the slug back in Sluggo. He has slugged me twice, so far, with his blue screen and now is being a slug. But the evening cools rapidly, and the enjoyable chill (strongly scented with growing grass) wafting through my open windows ought to put him to rights as night advances. The time of year does please me. Once the sun sets, as the light fades, the trees whose leaves have turned yellow stand out longer than any others, and the bright foliage seems to glow from within. Approaching darkness hides the deep reds of the dogwoods first, and the bright yellow of the walnut tree last. Eventually, all are swallowed by moonless night, all detail and color absorbed into black silhouettes. This fading is soothing to watch, and the mild air brings a pleasure of its own. Each season has its own delightful days, but the delightful days of autumn are the most serene of the year.