October 28th, 2004


Done for the Night

Last night, we had some squash cooked with a bit of garlic, and the smell of the garlic has lingered, making me nostalgic for the Chinese restaurants of Monterey Park. The whole town used to be redolent of hot garlic. In truth, I'd rather smell garlic cooking than taste it, and I like the taste very much. Garlic breath, on the other hand... ewww!

The eclipse was enjoyable, though I got a clear view of the red moon for only a few minutes, once it had risen above the tree line. After that, it quickly turned its accustomed off-white, and went through its cycle from thin crescent to full in a couple of hours. Now that it's back to its usual bright, round self, I feel a bit let down. I liked the red.

The unseasonable chill in the air (this has become one of the coldest Octobers in memory) has been very good for Sluggo. It's nice to be able to use him for two or three hours at a time without a crash. I've taken advantage of his good behavior to clear out the detritus from my online mail boxes, catch up on some correspondence, and putz around on various web sites I haven't visited in quite a while. If the weather holds, I might even get some pictures uploaded soon. Oh, how fun it is to have a computer again, even with a slow connection to the Internets!

And how about those Sox? Thanks to them, we can stop thinking about the election, since their victory is assuredly either one of the signs of the apocalypse, or a sign that this is Massachusetts' year! Either way, it's all out of our hands now.


Another delightfully gray day, and another night of moonlit clouds. How will I ever get anything done with such distractions?