October 18th, 2004



I woke too early yesterday. As a result, I took an unintended nap in front of the television tonight. Thus I am happy that sleep teaching is a crock. If it weren't, I'd have learned the dialog to some crappy movie.

Rain continues to fall, but slowly. The soft sound of it is restful, so it is possible that I will be able to get to sleep soon, despite the nap. Whether I will wake early again tomorrow is another matter. In fact, I have missed quite a bit of sleep in recent days, so I'm due for one of those long bouts of unconsciousness.

The cat has ventured back outdoors this morning, having apparently recovered from yesterday's wet misadventure. I think I'll go out and join her for a while, though there are no stars to see. The parade of dark and elephantine clouds will provide an adequate substitute, and perhaps some dream fodder as well.