September 26th, 2004

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


A few days ago, a wolf spider parked itself on the living room wall. I intended to escort it out, but kept forgetting. It sat there, in almost the same spot, for two days. Then it was gone. Tonight, I found it sitting on the bathroom floor. On the wall, it was safe enough, but the floor of a popular room is no place for an arachnid to doze off. I trapped it in an empty jar and toted it outdoors, where it has been released into the wild. Sorry, girl. No domestic life for you. You'll take your chances in the garden with the other spiders.

For an hour or so about midnight, the air was filled with the smell of skunk. The pungent odor seldom endures so long. This has led me to suspect that this particular specimen of genus Mephitis might have met an untimely end beneath the wheels of some passing vehicle on a nearby road. If not, then it certainly indulged in a veritable orgy of exudation, and I pity whatever beast was the target of its wrath.

The night cooled quickly, and a bit of wind stirred the trees, but most encouraging was the formation of clouds. Though they have not lingered in any great density, their presence brought me delight, not least because they appeared while the moon was yet high, and for several hours caught its limpid light in folds and rumples, decorating the sky with a luminous, motile tapestry.

Late, when the air had fallen still and chill had silenced the katydids, the serenity cracked and rustled when a pine cone fell what sounded to be the full height of a tall tree, snapping twigs all the way, thudding at last onto pliant lawn. It is the first I've heard this season. Soon there will be more, and then the acorns too will fall. The year changes, and I am glad.

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caillebotte_the orangerie


A flash of red among the green leaves reveals that the dogwood has begun to fruit. Soon, birds will be feasting on the ripe berries, and then the leaves will turn red and the entire tree will flame with autumn's most vivid color, warming the gray days to come. Today was not gray, though there were small puffs of white cloud throughout the sky, and they have lingered to soften the bright moonlight which now bands the east. They are harbingers of a welcome cooling trend. Even now, I feel the day's heat being displaced. I am hoping that it will drop into the mid fifties tonight, and that by tomorrow night I will be able to do without the noisy window fan again. I'm as happy as a Floridian that October is almost here.