September 13th, 2004



A vague mottling of the moonless night sky indicates the return of clouds. When I stepped outside an hour ago, I shivered from the chill in the air. At last! I am now wearing a fuzzy sweater with bits of autumnal gold and red. Soon it will be time for late snacks of hot chocolate or steamy soup. I can barely wait to see the piles of pumpkins arrive at the markets. Little more than a week to the equinox. Delight.

The other day, I posted an entry about Peter Milton. Tonight I found out that, in 1999, he was Artist in Residence at Pasadena City College. I knew I left the place too soon! There were probably exhibits of his work, and lectures and such. I really miss being able to go to Pasadena anytime I want. If Butte College had an artists in residence program, I'll bet their first artist would be the person who does those motel paintings of kids with big, creepy eyes- and it would be downhill from there. Bullfighters on velvet, anyone? No, this place is not a major center of culture.

Another bit of linkage: leprosy discovered subliminal goatse on the cover of the September 20th issue of Time Magazine. If you are familiar with goatse, you'll laugh your (pardon the reference) ass off. You aren't familiar with goatse? I won't link to it. You can look it up on Google, but be forewarned: you might be very, very sorry that you did, even though seeing it will make the (unintended?) humor of the Time cover comprehensible. The original goatse is not a pretty image (and decidedly not work safe.)

Now I'm going back out to enjoy what's left of the first delightfully chilly night in what seems like ages. Happy Monday the Thirteenth.

Running Afoul of the Inanimate

Last night, my box fan quit working. That was the fan I've always used to circulate air around Sluggo, since his corner tends to be stagnant. Then the smoke detector began that periodic chirping it does when it wants its battery changed. I have no nine volt for it. Must remember to pick one up. And this evening, the oven stopped working. Its little coils have probably burned out again. Now I'm wondering which appliance will be next to go. Everything happens at once.

At least the days are now a bit cooler, enabling the evening breeze to waft away the heat quickly. I am doing without air conditioning for the first time in weeks. That means that Sluggo isn't good for more than a few minutes, but by midnight the house ought to be chilly enough that I can get a couple of hours out of him. Good thing, too, as I have some e-mail in boxes that badly need cleaning out.

This afternoon, I watched two crows stroll along the street. Crows love this time of year. Soon they will be visiting in large numbers, fetching ripe acorns from the oaks and dropping them to the pavement to crack them. The smack of acorns dropped into the street by crows is a characteristic autumn sound here. I enjoy watching the shiny black birds strut by, and always imagine them talking in English accents, like Heckle and Jeckel. I expect good days ahead, despite the rebellion of the appliances.