September 7th, 2004


Mundane Entry About Ordinary Stuff... Oh, and Devil Penis

I'd like to get back to my project of making posts about my user icons. I only did two of them when I was interrupted by other things that were going on, and then the weather got hot, and Sluggo and I got cranky, and I never got back to it. It's mostly that I've lacked the energy to do anything lengthy. I got the big versions of the icons uploaded to PictureTrail some time ago, but now that LJ has image hosting, I think I'll put them here instead. LJ allows larger images than PictureTrail, anyway. And I think I'll let the PictureTrail account die when payment comes due in January. It means that all my old posts with pictures will end up naked, unless I can find the time to track them down and edit the HTML after uploading the image files to my LJ pics account. I'll probably never be able to track down the posts I made to various communities, so they will be naked forever. Well, most of them weren't very good posts, anyway.

I got that Google AdSense ad for Devil Penis again tonight, and the link still won't open. The ad came with a new tease that makes me want more than ever to see what it's all about. It said "See him on a tightrope, with flowers, and hanging." But, naturally after such a buildup, I fear disappointment if I ever do get the page to open. Could it possibly be as interesting as I've imagined it to be? Devil hanging on a tightrope with flowers! Not to mention his penis! (Is it red? Does it have its own little horns? Does it emit smoke?) Even if I'm to be disappointed, I must see it! I do hope the ad isn't a fake of some sort.

Oh, and Orion is not going to be impaled on the crescent moon. The moon has gone too far north. In fact, right now, it is about Orion's body length above his head- or, more accurately, since Orion is on his back this time of year, the moon is to the left of his head. I see him, and the moon, and Venus, all arranged in a big triangle this morning. The air has apparently cleared up a bit from yesterday, though it remains too warm to please me. I have a sweater all unpacked and ready to go, as soon as a chilly night arrives. I wait eagerly.


The site was being quite cranky earlier this evening. Now there is extreme lateness. I probably couldn't have updated then anyway, though. I went out the front door this afternoon and the sun was lying in wait. It blinded me and, while I was disoriented, slammed into me so hard that it almost knocked me down. The sun is a bully. It should stay in the sky, where it belongs, and not come down and try to beat me up. If it wants a career in professional wrestling, it should go demonstrate its skills to Vince McMahon or whatever his name is. I can't do anything for it. It needs an agent, not a victim. Stupid sun.

Now I am going to go read. If the site was as crappy for everyone else today as it was for me, there probably won't be very many posts.