August 30th, 2004

bazille_summer scene


Yesterday I bought a half gallon of ice cream. I blame the full moon for the madness which led me to gorge myself on a third of it last night. I made chocolate syrup to put on it, too. Artificially sweetened ice cream tends to be cloying, and an unsweetened chocolate syrup will cut that. (A couple of heaping teaspoons of cocoa powder, a few drops of vanilla extract, and add hot water, stirring constantly until it reaches a syrupy consistency.) Spooned over successive layers of ice cream, it will freeze into hard, chocolaty clumps, adding texture as well as flavor. The entire concoction proved irresistible, and I am now stuffed with lactose and butterfat. The shame! Wicked moon!

Wicked, but delightful, drenching the night as it did, wreathing the trees in a misty glow, making the pine needles glimmer as they were stirred by soft whispers of air. It was the last full moon of summer. May the first full moon of autumn cast its light on a cooler forest.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The cat had some fun this afternoon, trying to catch an elusive lizard among the dense growth of the sourgrass. I don't think her hunt was successful, though, since she hasn't tossed up any little undigested reptilian bits (which is usually what happens when she devours such a creature), and is now happily eating her commercially produced dinner. The commercially produced portion of my dinner didn't go down so well. Maybe it had lizard in it.

More likely, I'm still suffering the aftereffects of my overconsumption of ice cream last night. Also, I'm sure I've inhaled millions of microscopic seeds and bits of pollen, and there is now a garden of weeds attempting to take root in my lungs. It is the weedy time of year, and rough plants are beginning to emerge from the desiccated soil. It's like being at a party from which the polite, well-groomed guests have long since departed, and only the rowdiest remain, now to be joined by party-crashing thugs who will piss in the bathtub, toss cigarette butts in the glasses, knock over the lamps, and hump one another on the couch, regardless of who is watching. In other words, the fun is starting! Summer's riotous end is in view, and while I wouldn't miss it for anything, I'll be glad when the autumnal cops come to break the party up- preferably with a massive shower of rain. September, right around the corner.

Also; The line has been drawn: mrmustard. Sadness.