August 20th, 2004

caillebotte_the balcony

The Mundane

A neighbor up the street left their very bright yard lights on all night. Maybe they are afraid that deer will sneak up on them. The light destroys the ambiance of night. Moonlight I don't mind, but a big patch of electric light is not suitable to the neighborhood. It emphasizes the darkness around it, and at the same time drains it of romance. It becomes an illuminated empty space surrounded by empty darkness. It annoys me. I might have to go snatch their light bulbs if they keep this up.

Tonight, I did a partial inventory of the things in the house that ought to be fixed. There are a lot of them. Though they are mostly cosmetic, they will involve a lot of work and some expense. Eventually, the house will have to be sold, and all those little things will need to be fixed before then, or the house will be undervalued. There are a couple of more costly projects that would probably help sell it, too, but I don't think those are things I could tackle myself. And I don't even want to think about what needs to be done to the yard.

Ah, reality intruding on life again. Why is there so much stuff in the world?

Sluggish Friday

The hour is late. Sluggo worked for a while this evening, then showed me his blue screen and napped. I returned to find that there was almost nothing new here, after three hours. Is everyone out doing things, or are they sharing my utter lack of ambition? It sometimes seems to me as though there were a fixed amount of ambition in the world, so that whenever some group of intensely focused people become active, as with a political campaign, everyone else is drained of most of their portion. I feel completely de-energized today. I must have been fed upon by one of the undead as I slept. I wonder if Ralph Nader is nearby?

Thuggish neighbor is having some sort of party tonight, and I am reluctant to let the cat outside, as his loutish, drunken friends might be driving down the street at any time. Even with the cat indoors, there is the risk that one of them will take out a utility pole and leave me without electricity, cable, and Internet connection. I ought to get a gas powered computer, with a wireless connection. The gas line is safely buried underground. We once owned a gas powered refrigerator which never once failed in the entire time we had it. They don't make them anymore. I'll bet that overly ambitious people had something to do with that technology's disappearance.

Now I'm just maundering. I'll shut up, and go watch television.