July 21st, 2004

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

No Subject Line Deserved

The paper was delivered. I went out to fetch it and found that instead of lying flat as it usually does, it was standing on end. I have had thousands of papers delivered, and have never before seen one land on its end and stay that way. Now I want to go up and down the streets and stand all the papers on their ends. Then I can die happy.

Last night, the crescent moon caught on the top of a pine tree and hung there for a while. Jupiter hid among the branches of another tree. It's odd how trees can make distant objects look close, and also make them look bigger than they do when in empty sky.

Sluggo is being extremely temperamental. Or maybe he's just being mental. Whatever it is, I expect more of the same. Three terribly hot days are scheduled, and nothing can be done about that. Also, I still can't log in to my e-mail account. If it isn't fixed by this afternoon, I will call them and nag.

I don't know if I'll be able to post this entry. I don't know if I'll be able to get through July. One of those is more important than the other, but my brain is too hot to decide which.


I got the e-mail problem sorted out. Unfortunately, everything that was sent to me in the last 30 hours or so got bounced back. I have no idea how many LJ replies there were, but I doubt I'll be able to track them all down. At least I'll know what some of them were. Anything else that might have arrived is gone without a trace. Fie on e-mail!

The fields wither rapidly now. Everything that isn't irrigated or drought resistant is turning brown. The place already looks like September. The only clouds in sight hover above the eastern ridges, miniaturized by distance. I sulk in the shade of the mulberry tree, weary of the sight of empty blue.

The flying insect who crawled on my glasses the other day appears to have met its demise. I found it, or one of its kind, floating in my water glass this morning. Fortunately, I looked before drinking. I still couldn't tell its species, but it seemed neither moth nor mosquito. There is a mosquito at large, though. I have an itchy bite on my forehead. It's West Nile virus for sure! When I'm dead, Sluggo will be sorry for the way he treated me!

Need more tea, and some e-mail to test the service with.