July 14th, 2004



No post last night because I foolishly failed to use the air conditioner, and Sluggo was very, very bad. Almost no post this morning because I am on Indigo cluster, which was unavailable because of maintenance. On fact, I couldn't even log in for a couple of hours. I haven't checked the journal yet to see if anything is missing. Stuff went missing from journals on Chef subcluster 8 last week during maintenance, and as a result, every paid user on that subcluster is eligible for a free one month extension of service. Maybe I should hope that something is missing from my journal.

It's going to be even hotter today, so there will definitely be air conditioning. Sluggo will probably behave. Maybe I'll even catch up with my reading and make a real entry. Now, I'm going to sleep before the sun gets up and starts roasting everything.

LJ Bug?

Here's an odd thing. I posted this entry early this morning, just after my LJ cluster bacame available after being read-only for several hours. The entry now appears in my journal, and in one on my filters, but does not show up on the default view of my friends page. I checked a couple of the friends pages of people who have me listed, and it isn't there either. Also, my user info page says that my journal was updated one day ago, rather than ten hours ago. If anybody clicks on that link and does not see the entry, or gets an error message, could you let me know? I'm going to report the error to support, in case it is the result of something that needs fixed, rather than just one of those one-time LJ flukes.

Of course, I'm assuming that somebody is going to see this entry. Ever the optimist.

Update: The earlier post finally showed up on my friends page the next time I logged in after making this post. I suppose it was just a temporary glitch, maybe the result of the timing of the post, which may have been made just as the cluster was being returned to its fully operational mode.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Missed Opportunity

Drat! I forgot to celebrate Bastille Day again this year. I was going to go break some aristocrats out of a cushy Federal white collar prison. Well, next year, then. Martha Stewart and Ken Lay should both be locked up by then, and maybe Dick Cheney, too, if Kenny Boy breaks down and spills all the beans. None of them would be as much fun to bust out as was the Marquis de Sade, of course, but I think Martha at least has the potential to be another de Sade.

Meanwhile, in the real world, (the one in which I don't contemplate liberating white collar criminals from incarceration) there has been an explosion in the local insect population. I am constantly being buzzed by mosquitoes, gnats regularly land on my monitor, making me think that something is wrong with my eyes, and I can't open the front door without having a wasp try to come in. I also saw a crane fly stuck to a window (on the outside) last night. It would have made a great picture, if I had a camera with the right lens. The bug just sat here for about an hour, as though posing. Well, crane flies are skinny enough to be supermodels.

The yard of the vacant house next door is now brown, the weedy plants of spring now being utterly desiccated. It's pretty to look at, but unfortunately it is a fire hazard, and an attractive nuisance to my cat. Every time she comes in, I have to comb nettles and burrs from her fur. She hates to have them combed out, and I have the scratches to prove it, but I don't want her chewing them out, since that leads to hairballs that get vomited onto the carpet, and if they aren't removed at all, the cat's fur becomes matted around them. I hope the caretakers of the place get around to cleaning it up soon.

The day was very hot, but the evening is now a restful shade of lavender filled with fluttering moths. I'm going out to watch it turn dark.