May 22nd, 2004



To my surprise, I have a headache. My neck feels a bit out of joint, too, so that might be what's causing it. I think I slept in an odd position yesterday. But then, my jaw feels sore as well, so it might all be a delayed reaction to my recent dental work. Whatever the cause, it's annoying, and I hope it doesn't interfere with my ability to sleep.

I went out to pick some cherries last night and discovered that the crop is considerably less bountiful than I had thought. In fact, it's barely there at all. The first harvest, a few days ago, was actually picked by my sister, and I haven't taken a close look at the there in a couple of weeks. The rains apparently did more harm than I had thought. Quite a bit of the fruit is withered, and much of the rest has already been consumed by the birds. A few cherries have not yet ripened, but they are not numerous. The tree is getting a bit long in the tooth, or whatever it is that trees get long in, and may not be able to produce fruit at all much longer. Everything around this house is slipping into decline, or nearing the end of its time, or already dead.

Rats. Now I'm feeling morose. I think I'll pretend that something great is about to happen. A little bit of self delusion now and then is therapeutic. It's times such as this that I wish I enjoyed shopping.

No, this is getting seriously stupid. I'm going to blame the headache and shut up now.
rudisuhli_demon of love


I am bored.

There is an overwhelming ordinariness dogging the day. Up the street, a lawn is being mowed. Somewhere nearby someone is hammering something. I catch a whiff of charcoal from a barbecue grill. There are no birds about. A breeze is causing a branch to bump against the eaves. I can't have such commonplace boredom. I have decided that the mower of the lawn has gone mad, and is pushing the machine back and forth over the already cut grass as he contemplates some terrible crime. The person with the hammer is mad as well, demolishing his house from the inside, imagining it to be a prison. Neither of them will suffer much longer. The charcoal is being heated by another madman who will soon slaughter the first two and cook their flesh on his grill. The birds are absent because they are gathered secretly to weave the spell which has caused this epidemic of madness. It is their time. After ages of preparation, they will begin to eliminate the human usurpers who have prevented them from reclaiming the world once ruled by their immense saurian ancestors. That bumping on the eaves? Not a branch stirred by the wind, but some giant avian perched there, set to guard against my escape. The birds know I'm onto them!

There. That's much better.