April 19th, 2004



The rain has not stopped, nor has it intensified. Hour after hour it drips, until I no longer hear it unless I deliberately listen. So little rain for so many hours. The world has slowed, its movement unmarked by any stars, and I imagine the clock is about to stop. I would listen to, or ignore, this soft sound for ages and never know, and never mind. But I know that the sun will soon rise and, itself unseen or not, its light will reveal the slow drift of gray, restoring movement to the world. Another day, then another, then another.
caillebotte_man at his window

Still More Rain

Some years, the sunlit dogwood blossoms are carried fluttering to the ground by afternoon breezes, and pile in soft drifts along the street. This year they drop from weight of rain, and lie inert, the sodden masses covering gray pavement under gray sky. A few blooms remain on the trees, and a sunnier day might bring a dim reminder of those other springs. Most of the color has gone, though. Lilies, camellias, lilacs, azaleas -- all withered. Only the roses have yet to display their full glory. Once the gray has lifted, the world will be mostly green. As do many good times, it seems in retrospect too brief.

I'm not sure that Sugar, the last remaining cat, has yet realized that she now has the run of the house, with no rival to spoil her explorations. She has come into my room but once. Perhaps she isn't all that interested. She has always been an independent sort, and not a lap cat at all, preferring to spend most of her time outdoors and, when sleeping in the house, keeping to one of her own spots where she will not be disturbed by any unwelcome human intrusion.

In the past, when a cat who claimed my room (and me) as its territory has died, another of the cats has quickly moved to replace it. I doubt that Sugar will follow the pattern. She will likely retain that mixture of wildness and domesticity which she has always displayed, accepting food and water, a bit of brushing, and a place indoors when she finds the weather unpleasant, but otherwise keeping her distance. I am often surprised that she accepts any human contact at all, so feral is she in most of her habits. I like having her around, but I miss Sunni, who was, in her extreme sociability, more like a dog than a cat. Maybe Sugar's personality will change now, but so far there is no indication that she will consent to full domestication.

I don't know if the code has gone live yet, and I have seen no site-wide announcement, but syndicated feeds will now be available to all LJ users, though the creation of new feeds remains a feature of paid accounts only.