April 1st, 2004

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Happy April Fool's Day

I was wondering if there would be an LJ April Fool prank today. There is, of course, but one more spectacular than I expected, and it was on all of us. By now, you've may have discovered that you have been friended by lj_serialadder. Apparently, almost everybody has. This guy has come up with some clever bit of code which gets around LJ's limit of 750 friends, and presumably has added (or will add) the entire user base to his friends list. Yet, if you have checked lj_serialadder's user info page, you know that the journal has no friends listed. Also, your "friends' list has been changed to "stalking" and your "friend of" list has been changed to "stalked by."

Not only that, but there is apparently another part of the prank. Recently, due to much grousing from users disgruntled over the fact that rude troll names were appearing on their "friend of" list, Brad made it possible to hide individual names on that list even from yourself, but only by banning those users from commenting in your journal. But lj_serialadder has come up with some way around that, too. I'm not sure what happens if you try to ban the journal, since I haven't tried, but the journal's only post claims that something other than the disappearance of his name will happen. Of course, the post, only a few hours old, already has nearly 8000 comments, mostly from people who are entirely clueless, wondering what the hell is going on. I left a comment of congratulation, myself. I think it was on page 169 or so. Best LJ prank ever. I love foolishness!

Undoubtedly, Brad will soon discover whatever hole in the site's code lj_serialadder used to bring off this prank, and then undo whatever has been done. In fact, I expect the account to be suspended very quickly. But I have been greatly entertained.

I don't know if the real world will be providing me with entertainment today, but there have been some surprisingly gusty winds blowing here, so I have hopes. I'll have to wait until I wake up to find out. By then, I expect that lj_serialadder will be gone. I only hope that the trees are still here.
caillebotte_the orangerie

No Comparison

The question is why would I want to be stuck in front of a computer on such a splendid day? I didn't, so I wasn't.

The wind did blow, and the trees sway, and the flowers shine with the sun. Birds sang with abandon and soared on the breeze. Every single moment was perfection. The night, too, is stunning, stars glittering as the wind plays loud music with the trees.

It's back outdoors, and let Sluggo sleep.