March 23rd, 2004

caillebotte_man at his window

Both Science and Art

For the next two weeks, all five of the planets which can be seen from Earth without the aid of a telescope will be visible in the evening sky. There's an article about it in The Sacramento Bee. Last night, I was able to see four of them. Mercury, alas, was hiding behind the trees, along with the cupped crescent moon. When the moon is waxing this near the equinox, the crescent appears almost perfectly level with the horizon. It will tilt a bit more each evening, of course, as well as growing thicker. I would like to have seen it clearly, but didn't have the chance to get to a place where the view was not screened by tall pines. Tonight, it will be high enough to hover above them, and appear very near Venus, too.

I intended to do another iconage post, about the one which is a crop from Mihaly Munkacsy's 1895 painting of Parc Monceau, but while digging up a bit more information about the painter, I got hung up. That's what usually happens when I visit art web sites. I came across a link to Euroweb, which has more than 11,000 images of European art from the middle ages through the 18th century, and includes a nice section on Gothic architecture. Mmmm, gargoyles! Anyway, after squandering so much time there, I have none left in which to write a decent entry. Curse you, western civilization and your endless distractions! Once again, I must envy those with high speed Internet connections. If I had one, I could waste so much more time so much more effectively! Maybe I'll get around to the iconage post tomorrow. In the meantime, I will use that icon itself for this post, as a tantalizing foretaste. Of course, my post with the full version of my dragon icon is still there. (I've got to use up more of that PictureTrail bandwidth I'm paying for!)

I hear by the sound of crows that it is time for sleep. Yesterday morning I was kept awake by the itching of my first mosquito bite of the season, which was right on the side of my neck. I'm putting repellent on myself today.