March 1st, 2004


I Haven't Complained Enough About Computers Lately

To my amazement, Sluggo behaved himself tonight, and continued working for almost four hours. I took advantage of his good mood to download a bunch of pictures I've been meaning to nab, intending to save them after going offline. Opera is not the easiest browser to use offline, but if you do the work before shutting down the program, it isn't too bad. So, I disconnect and start saving the pictures. That's where the problems began. Opera crashed, and I had to close it and re-open.

This makes things more difficult, because of the way Opera's history files are set up, and also because after being closed, Opera then will inform me that I am working offline and the link I clicked cannot be reached and would I like to go online now? In fact, it is usually only and ad on the page I am opening that is unavailable, and the thing I want is actually there, but Opera can't tell the difference so it asks its stupid question and I click the "no" box, and continue. So, dealing with this extra tediousness, I continued my task until I made an unpleasant discovery. Half the stuff I had downloaded wasn't there anymore! To be exact, the first half of all the stuff I had downloaded was gone.

It turns out that when I reinstalled Opera a few days ago, after some earlier unpleasantness, I forgot to change the cache size. Opera sets a default of 20MB. 20MB! I've got a 30GB hard drive. I think I can spare more than 20MB for my browser cache! So, I bumped it up to the maximum available in Opera, which is 400 MB. But the damage was done. Everything I had gathered during the first two hours of Sluggo's period of good behavior had been pushed out of the miniscule cache. And I can't even blame Sluggo for it, because I'm the one who overlooked the need to enlarge it. Feh! Well, it may be my fault, but I hate computers anyway.

Also, I drank some apple juice, bought by accident (it was supposed to be apple cider, which is much less sweet) and now my back aches from the excess sugar. It is an inauspicious beginning to March. I expect to be assassinated in my sleep.

Still the rain finally arrived, and has been falling softly all night, providing a relaxing background sound. Despite the wasted hours, which have delayed my bed time once again, I can't be very upset when I hear the pleasant trickling outside my window. I'll go back and fetch the lost pages tomorrow -- or, today, rather, after I wake up. It's merely a Monday, after all. What else would there be to do with it?
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Winter Fading, and Some Links

Another rainy day. I suppose I ought to enjoy them while I can. Spring this year might be rainy, or it might not, but either way it won't be long before it is here. Even in today's chilly rain, birds were flying about, engaged in their mating rituals. Once the dry season arrives, it won't be long before I'll be missing these moody days and the sound of trickling water which, for some reason, always makes tea taste better. I won't miss having to take the trash can out to the street in a downpour, of course, or having that downpour end almost as soon as my soaked self had finished the task. But I'll miss seeing the stars appear one by one as the clouds break up, and the moonlight playing across those drifting, marbled masses, and I'll miss breathing the sharp, fresh scent of wet pine trees. In any case, this spring might be rainy, and spring rain seldom lasts for days on end, as winter rain often does. I'm looking forward to the new season's variety, though I am not overly delighted at the prospect of warmer days which will leave Sluggo comatose and unusable. It is summer I dread, especially after last year's torrid (and torpid) July.

Perusing random journals, I found a link to an amusing story. Coincidence is such a delight, especially when the superstitious read their own unreasonable expectations into it.

"666" on "Passion" Tickets Causes Stir.

Because it is a local TV channel web site, they will probably take the piece down soon, so I will risk the wrath of the copyright gods.

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springheel_jack has posted an interesting entry about the Castle Bravo h-bomb test, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. I had no idea that lithium was ever used in nuclear weapons. There's a nice picture, too, and a link to streaming video of the blast (which I have not seen, since Sluggo hates streaming video.) Duck and Cover!