January 25th, 2004

caillebotte_man at his window

Another Foggy Night

After rain sang as turning pines to falls and lawns to marshy softness, all the wood was cloaked again in fog, and as the rivulets ran down to stillness once more and the dripping like a ticking clock unwound to a stop, a deep catch of breath paused night, left silence hanging palpable as the cold and thickened air. As before, the fog hugged the ground so that the street was roofed by a circle of bright stars edged with a ring of stars which dimmed to a horizon circled with darkened gray which rushed forward, wrapped itself about tree boles and houses and every form not concealed by night, so the world was vague and shrunken and the sky vast. The only sign of human life I could discern was the faint scent of wood smoke drifting from some chimney concealed in fog or darkness.

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caillebotte_the balcony

Watching the Odometer Roll Over

I noticed on the log-in page that there are now 1,991,305 accounts at LJ. I think they only update the stats numbers once a day, so it seems likely that LJ #2,000,000 was created sometime in the last few hours, or soon will be created. When it gets to just over 2,100,000, there will be ten times as many journals as there were when I began this one, in late June of 2001. Gettin' busy here, isn't it?