January 16th, 2004

caillebotte_man at his window


The fog has thinned so that I can see a patch of clouds in which the moon glows, though the moon itself has not appeared all night. For a while, the fog was filled with swirls of mist, and the damp which as formed on everything has been dripping for hours. I can stand in the dark with the plushy lawn under my feet and listen to the drops falling all around in a great variety of tones. There are soft sounds as of a steady ticking from the pine trees next door which shed their drops onto another lawn. There are louder though more distant splatters from the pines across the street which rise over a paved drive. The mulberry in my front yard releases drops from the tips of its bare twigs, and most of them fall softly on the grass, but a few smack loudly against the leaves of the wild plum bushes. From over the back fence, I hear the occasional loud ping as drops shed from a tall oak hit the metal roof of a shed. Even though the fog has mostly dissipated, the night is made restful by the dripping dew. I think I'll pile a couple of extra blankets on the bed and leave the window open to the chill air and its wet music, at least until the light begins to creep in. Most likely, the fog will return to its usual winter place on the valley floor today, and we will have sunshine to dry the damp forests of the mountains. I can deal with that.
caillebotte_the balcony


Today, the temperature dropped faster than the pants of touristas in a Tijuana toilet. (Sorry. I'm just not very good at these Raymond Chandler-esque metaphors.) The gray mass of fog hung over the valley all day, but the mountains clouded up early, too. This will probably be another of those near-rainless weather systems we've been getting. If it isn't, then it's cold enough for it to turn snowy. Whatever happens, I hope that it doesn't get windy. There is still a big chunk of fence down from the last big wind storm a couple of weeks ago. Luckily, it's a side fence, so it merely opens a gap between two fenced yards. If a chunk of the back fence comes down it will have to be repaired right away, since the alley back there is open to the world, and there's no telling what beasts might wander into the yard then. Lions or bears could get in anyway, of course, and deer I wouldn't mind. But without the fence, coyotes could get in. Flightless birds could get in. Penguins could get in! I certainly wouldn't want penguins in the yard!

It's Friday. I'm going to go pretend I'm going out somewhere interesting. In fact, I'll be watching television. Let's hope I don't get into a bar brawl.