January 4th, 2004

caillebotte_man at his window


It has been a meteor-free night for me. By the time the moon set, the clouds had returned to obscure most of the sky. Nevertheless, I went out into the icy night and watched for a while. From time to time I would think that I had caught from the corner of my eye a flash, but it always turned out to be an ordinary star briefly unveiled by the swift flying clouds. At last I gave up, and came into the house to let my nose and ears and fingers regain feeling. They are now tingling with something other than delight. I must acquire gloves and earmuffs!

The early Sunday silence has engulfed the town. If anyone stirs within the houses, their sounds are held in by doors and windows tightly closed against the cold. It feels as though the place were nothing but ice, waiting for a thaw. What it will most likely get is clouds casting wintry shade. What I hope to get is sleep. But first, as usual...

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As I was about to post this entry, I heard a loud crack outside. Going to investigate, I then heard the sound of deer hooves retreating up the street. One of them must have stepped onto the icy mass of hail which still lies across most of my lawn, making the loud cracking sound. I didn't see them, of course, swallowed as they were in the darkness, but I am pleased that they were here.
caillebotte_man at his window


Good heavens! I forgot to update this evening! I wonder if I'm recovering from my LJ addiction? (Hah! That's likely!) In truth, I've been doping off a lot, which I attribute to a case of Anticipatory Spring Fever (ASF.) This, in turn, is the result of an afternoon of fluffy white clouds in blue sky. One would think that my ASF would depart with the sun, but it hasn't. I'm still alternately dopey and inexplicably cheerful, despite the chill in the air.

The last leaves have vanished from the lawn, but tonight I thought I saw some strewn across a large stretch of it. Then I realized that it was the remains of the hail which fell a couple of days ago. It has retreated into dozens of tiny patches the size of oak leaves. I didn't notice this by day, when the origin of the patches was obvious. It is only by moonlight that they suggest fallen leaves. So, it's winter, and I have ASF, and the residual hail by moonlight carries the suggestion of autumn. To complete the effect, the part of my house that Sluggo doesn't live in is heated to a degree that makes it feel quite summery. Is it any wonder that I'm confused?