rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


This evening I heard a large flock of geese southeast of here, but I never saw them. It's awfully late in the year for geese to be heading north. Perhaps the copious rains this winter left the wetlands in the valley so well flooded that they were reluctant to leave. As far as I know, this flock still haven't left. When I heard them they were in the neighborhood of a pond that is about half a mile from here, and I've not heard them since, so maybe they are still there. Maybe they intend to spend the night.

The crickets are doing well. Tonight I hear several chirping in my back yard, though the one that was just outside my window last night is silent, or gone. I hope he moved on to a better place, and wasn't devoured by a feral cat. It's nowhere near as warm tonight as it was last night, and I probably won't be able to leave the windows open as late. It's supposed to get down into the low fifties, and tomorrow is only expected to be in the mid-seventies, so I needn't collect much cool air. Friday should be nice, too, and Saturday not too bad. Sunday will be pretty warm, but the nights are going to stay cool all through the week, so the air conditioner can continue to stay off.

I'll have to do triage on my shopping list this week, as there are several more good buys than I can afford to take advantage of. One of the sale items is cat food, and I'm hoping that the store runs out of it by the time I get there, and I'll be able to get a rain check for it that I can use next month. The price is very good, and so there's a good chance that will happen. If it does, I'll be able to get most of the other stuff I want that is on sale.

Also I really need to get onto AT&T's case about how my Internet starts cutting out every evening. It's getting to be very annoying, but I keep forgetting about it until it happens, by which time I don't feel like getting started in their Byzantine customer service system. Sometimes I wish I still had dial-up from my local ISP. Half the times I called them, the head of the company answered the phone himself. I didn't have to call them very often, though, because their system was very reliable. Ah, the good old days.

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