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Twice Bitten [May. 22nd, 2017|09:50 pm]
Mosquitoes have drunk my blood tonight. I managed to squash one of them before it could bite, but a couple of others succeeded in dining, and I have the itchy red bumps to prove it. The standing water from which the beasts are hatching must be somewhere outside my yard, as I've been very careful to avoid letting any puddles form. Some careless neighbor is at fault. A curse upon them! So far I don't know if the bugs have given me any fatal diseases, but the itching alone is bothersome enough. If I die, I intend to come back and haunt those neighbors (assuming that such a thing turns out to be possible, which I seriously doubt, of course.)

Aside from the bites, the day didn't turn out to be too horrible. This is in part due to the fact that last night got a bit cooler than predicted, and I was able to cool the house off sufficiently to prevent massive heat overload today. I managed to get the windows closed before the day heated up, too, but only because I didn't get to sleep until after dawn, and then slept only a scant four hours. That means I'm more muddleheaded than usual, and the heat, even though less intense than I'd expected it to be, isn't helping assuage that condition. I'd go outside and cool off, but I'm afraid of getting more mosquito bites. I think I need some sort of (probably carcinogenic) repellent spray to put on myself.

Oh, crap, the Internet service is cutting out again. I'll have to opportunistically post this when the service returns, lest I miss the narrow window.

There was a lovely band of pink clouds along the southern horizon this evening. As much as I enjoyed seeing it, it made me crave strawberry ice cream, and I have none. I can settle for chocolate, coffee, or vanilla. None of those are really settling, though, so I won't complain. Strawberry would sure be nice though. I think I'll get some next time it's on sale and I have the extra cash for it. Hell, I might even get it if I don't have the extra cash, and just forgo some nutritious food. At my age why worry about nutrition anyway? Might as well die of a vitamin deficiency as anything else.

Oh, Internet!