December 13th, 2003

caillebotte_man at his window


My Internet connection has been pretty well hosed all night. It must be the rain. After so many days, the decrepit phone lines around here must be saturated. It took a couple of hours just to get rid of the week's accumulation of spam at my on-line mail boxes. (I got a spam from "Roosevelt Colon!") Now, gray dawn is creeping up. I'd like to stay awake because it has grown foggy. I love foggy mornings. Right now, I can see clearly for about forty feet, and then things fade out. Trees two hundred feet away are just vague shapes, nearly lost in the gloom. But there's nothing gloomy about it as far as I'm concerned. It's all soft and beautiful. Still, I must get some sleep. Maybe there will be fog again when I wake this afternoon.
caillebotte_man at his window

Where Am I?

I think the rain has me thoroughly hypnotized. Out shopping after dark, coming along one of the dark roads in town, I suddenly thought I was on an entirely different road, further along in the journey. It felt as though I had lost three or four minutes, until I realized where I actually was. Most of the roads in town look very much alike at night, but the sense of displacement was quite disconcerting. All evening, I've caught myself wool-gathering in the midst of one task or another. Oh, the relentless rain!

It should be done by Monday, though. That night, with the sky cloudless, the nighttime temperature is expected to drop to 25 degrees. Not even full winter yet, and already it is turning wintry cold. The year continues to be strange, right to its end.

Also, this: Hi, Scotto! Thanks for the code! It will be fun to play with.


This is the LJ Obsession Quiz by theferrett. The ferrett is funny. He has lots of friends. I don't think he's as funny as mrmustard, but he's still pretty entertaining. His quiz is entertaining, too. (Thanks, yansa.) I almost never post quiz results, but I'm making an exception. Of course, I'll put it behind a cut, for the large number of quiz haters who read me on their friends pages. (Apparently, I'll do this because I'm an attention whore, and try not to displease anyone lest they stop reading.) By the way, the ferrett hates the LJ cut. He says so on his user info page. So I guess that me putting the results of his very nicely made quiz behind one means that he'll never add me to his friends list.
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These results do leave me with one nagging question, though. If I'm such an attention whore, why the hell don't I get more attention? Am I just not good at it? Do I have to post nude pictures? What? Tell me! (/attention whoring)