August 5th, 2003

caillebotte_man at his window


The clouds are now appearing abundantly only by night. Earlier, they were thick enough to conceal the moon. Yesterday, a few long lines of them, looking like breakers at the beach, formed over the mountains in the late afternoon. But the nocturnal clouds are big and fluffy, and would be quite impressive if they hung around for full daylight. In a few minutes, I'll go out and give them a last look as they turn pink in the early light.

At the moment, a cat is trying to share this keyboard with me. She is sitting on the mouse, as though it were an egg that might hatch. I wonder what evil little demon spawn would come out if it did? Tiny copies of Bill Gates, perhaps. The cat is being most insistent that I pay more attention to her, and less to the toy I'm playing with. Cat knows me too well.

Mars is looking quite impressive these nights. I don't know the exact date on which it will be closest to Earth, but it's sometime this month. The last humans to see it this close had no agriculture, no cities, and had as yet made no cave paintings that we know of. The planet belonged largely to the animals. Still, those early humans must have noticed the brightness of that star. I wonder what they made of it?