July 27th, 2003

caillebotte_man at his window

Summer Night

Outside, the night has reached perfection. The moonless sky reveals an abundance of stars, and the river of the Milky Way. A soft air flows from the higher lands, waking leaves to the faintest rustle and the pine needles to a whispered hum. The chirping of the crickets is slow, hypnotic, and as calm as the glittering dome of sky is vast. Night is the best part of summer. Too soon, the first birds sing to the cobalt light that displaces stars, and the brief hours of respite draw to an end. Under the hammer of blazing sun we pay for soft nights.


LJ is being quite perverse tonight. I've gotten several "Database temporarily unavailable" notices, several "Sorry, we are experiencing some technical difficulties," and three accusations of my being in possession of invalid cookies. (And who, I might ask, gave me those cookies?) All this in addition to more sluggishness than usual. There's also other weirdness going on, which makes my browser a bit crazy, so I have had to reboot Sluggo too often. And, odder still, even with the air conditioning on, my room heats up faster after sunset than it does in the daytime. This house has strange circulation. Since ghosts are supposed to create cold spots, I'm still wishing Sluggo could be haunted. A ghost in the box would be much less expensive than all the electricity it takes to run the air conditioner, I'm sure. If anyone has a ghost they're not using, please send it to me. Or, maybe I could simply kill someone in my room, and they would haunt me. Any suggestions who ought to be killed? Brad, you say? Come, now! Let's not be churlish! Heh.

Eh. Not my day, or LJ's. I'm going to go away and watch crap on television.