July 25th, 2003

caillebotte_man at his window

Unsatisfactory Technology

Pale morning sky full of fluffy little sheep clouds, and a lopsided cheshire cat grin of crescent moon. The morning air is actually cool for a change, but inside the house it remains hellishly hot. Thus, only brief work for Sluggo. It would be nice to knock down a wall. Then winter would come and I'd want the wall back. The house is ill-designed for the climate. Nothing can be done at this late date. I'll go to sleep and pretend I'm not here.
caillebotte_the orangerie

Let There Be Light!

After turning on the air conditioner this afternoon, I was taken by an inexplicable fit of energy. The result is that I have, at last, installed Sluggo's new surge protector with SEVEN outlets, so there are enough for the audio equipment, as well, and the architects lamp I bought for Sluggo's desk a couple of months ago. I had to move goatloads of crap to get to the outlet, where I installed an adapter (I do hope that screw is really and truly grounded) behind the coffee table next to the computer desk. This table is the place I keep the audio equipment, as I have no proper rack for it, and in front of it there are stacks and stacks of CD's. Under the table, between CD's and wall is a space about a foot wide and three feet long, and for the last year or so, this has been the cat's favorite place to sleep.

Having the table pulled out from the wall for the first time in ages, I decided to vacuum. The gray dust on the carpet was stubborn, and didn't seem to be coming up at all. After checking to see if the vacuum was clogged, and finding that it wasn't, I contorted myself to reach down to the floor in that confined spot and see if I could pick up some of the dust by hand. When a great sheet of it pulled up with a sound like Velcro being undone, I realized that it wasn't dust. It was a great mass of cat hair which had become stuck to the floor. It was dotted with nettles and burrs and foxtails and small, thorny bits of vegetation, and the occasional bit of discarded cat claw sheath. It was quite impressive -- almost like an incredibly filthy piece of felt. When I had gathered all of it, I wadded it into a clump which is the the size of a baseball. I am amazed that a cat could lose that much hair and not be entirely bald. It remains to be seen whether or not the cat will be displeased that her bed has been unmade, as it were, after she worked on padding it for such a long time.

Anyway, The table is now back in place, and the new lamp is illuminating Sluggo's keyboard, and all the area 'round about has been vacuumed. This end of the room is now quite tidy. The other end, alas, remains a sty, and now looks even worse than before due to the contrast with the newly cleaned end. I have yet to put the CD's back into their stacks, and they remain piled on the couch. That will be the last task for the time being, as the inexplicable fit of energy has passed. The other end of the room shall remain a sty. At least I no longer need to use the 40 watt high-intensity lamp, which is far more effective as a heater than as a source of light. The new lamp is fitted with one of those compact florescent bulbs of 15 watts, and makes a splendidly bright light for the keyboard, and cooks neither the top of my head, nor its contents. I am pleased. I am tired. I am going to go watch television.