July 24th, 2003

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2


The clouds have been drawn across the sky most of the night. Now and then, a single star will shine through, like a tiny rhinestone lost on a pile of rumpled bedclothes. I'm not looking forward to sleeping. The heat brings restless sleep, and I wake frequently with fragments of strange dreams in my head. One I had yesterday was the most bizarre and disturbing I have ever remembered. I was in a vast, labyrinthine building, and I had to take a leak. The place was full of stall toilets, but they were all occupied. Finally, I found one shabby, damp stall which was empty. As I'm taking a leak into the toilet, it suddenly turns into a pile of objects -- books, papers, clothing, small trinkets, a purse. The walls of the stall have vanished and a woman is sitting on the grass next to me, watching me with a look of horror on her face. I realize that I'm outdoors, and people are all around, and I'm pissing on the possessions of this woman who is on the ground next to me, and I can't stop. Nobody says anything, but I can feel the shock and hostility from all around me, and the crowd begins to stir and move toward me. I'm trying to think of some explanation for what I am doing, wanting to tell them that I was sure I was using a toilet, but I can't form words any more than I can stop pissing.

Then I woke up. All afternoon, I tried to figure out where that dream came from. In the back of my mind was the thought that I had read a post here by someone else who had recently had a dream involving urination, and I read the entry in haste in the limited time available to me in this Sluggo-hating heat. This evening, I read back through my friends page, but could find no such entry. I now suspect that this entry existed only in an earlier part of the dream itself, and was all but forgotten by the time I was fully awake. So, now, not only might I have dream fragments posing as part of reality, but it seems that I'm dreaming of reading LiveJournal! The whole thing is just way too bizarre. All this demonstrates that I need a serious drop in the temperature, but the long-term forecast shows no highs below the mid 90's for days to come. Look for the weirdness to continue.
caillebotte_man at his window


There was finally a bit of rain here this morning, but I slept through most of it. It wasn't very heavy rain. The smell of it must have wakened me. I looked out the window and the gray street was all wet under the gray sky. It looked like winter, except for the trees having their leaves. But it was (and is) still hot. Now the clouds have gone. At least I had no disturbing dreams today. I remember only one snatch of dream, in which I was walking along a wooded path by the side of a stream, and the air was very cool. A wish fulfillment dream. Those I don't mind.

There is a small park, one block square, in the center of Chico. It has an X of walks across it, and they are lined with enormous old elm trees, planted in the 1890's. An article in the local paper says that the trees have developed root rot, and they can't be saved. They are going to be taken out in a few days. It's going to cost about $63,000 dollars to remove them, but that will be offset by almost $40,000 to be made from the sale of the wood. I had no idea that elm wood was so valuable. The place is going to look very strange without those trees. Even though I seldom go to Chico, I'm going to miss them.