July 9th, 2003

caillebotte_man at his window


Thus far, Sluggo seems to be pleased with the new Internet service. He has blue-screened only once, and I was able to keep a connection for more than an hour. I have yet to test his stability in the heat of the day, though. That's one of the things I'll have to do this afternoon, if I have time.

I spent most of that hour-long connection downloading Mozilla. Naturally, I have some trepidation about installing it, given Sluggo's past reactions to new software. Conniptions would be to mild a word to describe it. However, though I've been using Internet Exploder tonight without disaster, I still mistrust that program. Even more, I distrust Outlook Express, for which every script kiddie in the world has written at least one virus. Since I am in dire need of a decent e-mail client, I'm going to try the one that comes with Mozilla. With luck, I'll be able to install those programs today.

I also must deal with the failure of Chiconet's server to recognize my e-mail address and/or password. It ought to work, but doesn't, so I'll be calling them this afternoon (their tech support begins at nine o'clock in the morning -- it's a small company.) Once that's been set up, I can configure the e-mail client, notify LJ of my change of address, and begin receiving my LJ notifications once more, without the trouble of going to that annoying online mailbox at Excite.

I intend to be very happy about all this, and woe to the recalcitrant computer (we all know of whom I speak) who dares any attempt to thwart my plans! Anyway. Big afternoon ahead, and a hot one, too. Must sleep.
caillebotte_man at his window

It's Time

The problem with Chiconet not recognizing my e-mail username or password turned out to be the result of my relentless technodoltishness. I was entering my username in a space where I was required to enter my full e-mail address. D'oh! My brain is still using the new service as though it were the old one, where all I ever entered was username and password. Anyway, now I can set up an e-mail client. I'm going to attempt to install Mozilla, now. Pray for Sluggo! He is about to undergo a transplant by a surgeon with no prior experience in this particular operation. I'm unable to predict his chances of survival -- or mine.
caillebotte_the balcony


At this very moment, I am using Mozilla. Thus far, Sluggo has made no protest. However, I do notice that my friends page loaded very, very slowly. Perhaps this is because the infant browser has never been here before. Once it has accumulated some knowledge of the various sites I frequently visit, I suspect that it will pick up speed. One thing I find quite irritating, though, is that, while it automatically imported my favorites list from Internet Exploder, it has placed the various folders in the order in which they were created, rather than alphabetically, as I would prefer. I suppose I'll have to root through the help files to see if I can change the setting for that.

I installed the mail client, but was unable to configure it, as it needs to know the names of my incoming and outgoing mail servers. I went to the Chiconet site, but was unable to figure out whether they have those things displayed or not. There is a number for their mail server, but I don't know if that's what Mozilla wants. Ah, the misery of being a technodolt! I'll have to call Chiconet tech support again tomorrow for assistance. I'm not sure how to set up my other e-mail addresses there (I get five!) in any case, so I can get that done at the same time. This means I still can't get my LJ notifications delivered directly to me. I want to set up a particular address just for them. By tomorrow night, I hope everything will be settled. Then I can quit doing all the geek things for which I am so poorly qualified, and go back to being a producer of decorative bits of word jewelry. I can hardly wait.