June 17th, 2003

caillebotte_man at his window


Hottest night yet. Sluggo showing me his blue screen. There were thunderheads over the mountains yesterday afternoon, but I have heard no thunder. Hell, take back your climate!
bazille_summer scene


I've got the air conditioning on for the first time in a week, so Sluggo will be good for 45 minutes or so. I've got a lot of catching up to do. So what do I find? LJ is being wonky again. Sometimes I think Brad is hoarding pages. Maybe he works for the CIA. Someday we'll all be arrested for what we have written here. Brad will betray us!

Anyway, I've fetched a bunch of pages for later. I'll have to turn off the AC in a little while because everybody is going to sleep (except me, of course) and the thing is very noisy. Once it's off, the house will get hot again and Sluggo will go back to being crashy, but I ought to be able to get everything read in little twenty minute snippets of time through the night. Won't be able to make comments, of course.

The heat has become quite alarming. Things will dry out quickly, and the wet spring means that there will be an abundance of brush available for fires. There were some thunderheads over the mountains again today, so there is probably considerable risk of lighting strikes deep in the forests. We might end up with another summer of smoke.

For the moment, things are quiet and calm. The diminishing streams flow through their deep glades, dark except where a bit of sunlight breaks through to make the ripples sparkle. Bird songs fill the afternoons, and crickets the evening and night. For some reason, the blue jays have not built a nest in the wild plum outside my window this year, so at least I'm spared their constant screeching nearby. On the whole, the season is pleasant -- except for this appalling heat.

Need a shower, and more iced tea.